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12/17/2015 -- The Gardner Annals, Volume II, Number 2 published. Contents: A look at the life of Frank A. Gardner, M. D. Review of book, Through One Family's Eyes. 12/15/2015 -- Placed knowledge map based upon written material (Wikipedia) on front page. Note: the supporting site is off-line. 11/18/2015 -- of Gardner's Beacon (What's New, for now, see the TGS blog. 07/14/2015 -- In the Discussion area, added link to article that appeared in TEG v 34 with a correction to material in TEG v20.

07/12/2015 -- Follow our work on Sherborne, Dorset as the place of origin.

07/02/2015 --  Index to the "Contents of this Issue" and to the Regimental History Series from The Massachusetts Magazine of Dr. Frank and friends

06/09/2015 -- Starting to review Dr. Frank's monographs (one example - General Danielson) and other contributions to The Massachusetts Magazine. Benjamin Franklin wrote for the early version (100 years or so prior).  We need to tell the story of that effort (the magazine) for which Dr. Frank and other eminent persons labored.

05/25/2015 -- The Gardner Annals, Volume II, Number 1 published. Contents: Benjamin Brown Gardner and Henry D. Gardiner (and Gardiner, OR). ... We will be creating a page on Wikipedia for Dr. Frank A. (to include his publications - Gardner books plus monographs (25) on military organizations in the Salem/Essex area during the American Revolutionary War - for now, see Massachusetts Magazine (Early 20th Century publication) in which Dr. Frank published his monographs). 

05/20/2015 -- Featured research: Frank Augustine Gardner, M.D.

05/19/2015 -- TEG, Vol. 35, No. 2, Pg. 31 (will be published in The Gardner Annals): Henry D. Gardiner (and Gardiner, OR) A marker sits beside U.S. 101 in Gardiner, OR. The marker mentions that, at that spot on the Umpqua River, there had been a shipwreck in 1850. The town got its start, thereby. Cargo and the ship were salvaged and used for early buildings. The ship was owned by a Boston merchant, name of Mr. Gardiner. The marker provides other facts about the area. In 2014, Gardner Research received a query: who was Mr. Gardiner and what do we know about him? The article addresses that query.   

05/12/2015 --  Vol V, No 1 of Gardner's Beacon ( post) available. The issue summarizes activity to date for the Society and looks to the future. 

05/07/2015 -- See About us for history and purpose.

04/21/2015 -- Site is Mobile-friendly, according to a Google bot. 

04/03/2015 -- A question was added to the FAQ: Did an ancestor of Thomas help in the demise of Richard III? This points to a related post (Richard III and a Gardner). Notice that there is a "What's new" page on the blog.  

03/19/2015 -- Review Draft for upcoming issue of TEG (Vol 35, No 2).

03/12/2015 -- Image from Dr. Frank's 1993 book (Gardners and Gardners).

03/04/2015 -- Questions plus start of a Gardner FAQ.

02/27/2015 -- February issue of The Essex Genealogist (Vol. 35, No. 1, Pg. 51): Benjamin Brown Gardner (and Nathaniel Eaton). See Research and Discussion

02/02/2015 -- Pre-release copy of TEG, February 2015, reviewed; it includes article on Benjamin Brown Gardner.

01/18/2015 -- Draft ahnentafel for Benjamin Brown Gardner, grandfather of Dr. Frank A (we will review to whole of the Nathaniel Eaton affair).

01/03/2015 -- Heather Wilkinson Rojo documented her "brick wall" ancestor, Benjamin Gardner; too, Gardner Memorial is available via Hathi Trust (see ahnentafel for Dr. Frank A.'s grandfather).

12/23/2014 -- Did slight parametric adjustment to the article block for improved mobile viewing. Also, see timeline of the barque Bostonian. Will use the page feature on blogger to present a structured view (examples: Gardner Research, Recent finds).

12/11/2014 --  Vol IV, No 4of Gardner's Beacon ( post) available. The issue summarizes the year's activities, presents a Nantucket timeline, provides contents and index tables, and looks at Eliza Starbuck Barney and Henry Dearborn Gardiner. 

12/03/2014 -- Gardner's BeaconTM: Table of Contents, Index. Vol. IV, No. 4 in preparation.  

11/18/2014 -- Sample ahnentafel for Benjamin Brown Gardner (discussion)

11/16/2014 -- Discussion about details related to sourcing and documenting support material.

10/26/2014 -- Working on details for membership application, reviewing alternatives related to technique, and more.

10/03/2014 -- Content: WikiTree (Blogger, Wordpress)?

09/30/2014 -- The Gardner Annals, Volume I, Number 2 published. Included are results provided by Gardner Research.

09/29/2014 -- Published the ahnentafel for Susan Charlotte Graves Gardner which will be appear in TEG Vol 34 (November issue) and be included in The Gardner Annals, Vol. I, No. 2.  

09/26/2014 -- John Cook of Minneapolis found a marriage record for Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar in the records of Sherborne, Dorset. Too, there are birth records for the boys: Thomas, Richard, and George.

09/19/2014 --   Vol IV, No 3 of Gardner's Beacon ( post ) available. The issue looks at Gardner Annals/Research and our interests and goals. There is a brief look at Ann Downing and Sarah Kimball who are part of the large extended family. 

09/08/2014 -- IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as of April 29, 2014. Add an index for issues of Gardner's Beacon. 

09/03/2014 -- Updated the color scheme (see devlog).

08/29/2014 -- See Annals/Research (related post) for our first publication of research results (ahnentafel chart for Lucy Foster Wilson Gardner, paternal grandmother of Frank A. Gardner). 

08/26/2014 -- Add social media links: FB, BL, WP. And, what is social media?

08/15/2014 -- Removed use of a website for reference (see Sources, Vol. IV, No. 1 [Note: see later discussion at the end of the post for the issue, Vol. IV, No. 1] and Afterthoughts & modifications).  

08/11/2014 -- The Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. obtained IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, effective April 29, 2014.

08/07/2014 -- First issue of The Gardner Annals: Volume I, Number 1.

07/30/2014 -- Updated About Us and Afterthoughts & Modifications pages. Looking to have a supplemental database to augment D.A.R.'s for unsung Patriots. Perhaps, this will motivate applications to D.A.R. or S.A.R.

07/19/2014 -- Started an informational page on Facebook (ThomasGardnerofSalem). Planning on having a replacement for the Forum.

07/18/2014 - Wikipedia page references being updated. Using Vol. III, No. 2 as an example of the Thomas Gardner Society providing material. About Us and 400ths being reworked.

07/16/2014 -- Published the new Home page (other pages will migrate over time). Put in a devlog file to document and to track technical issues.

07/14/2014 -- Example of new TGS banner, using html/css rather than image (as it is being done now) or scripting (which may be necessary for more professional look).

07/12/2014 -- Running list of pages to look at: Main, Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IV, No. 2, ...

07/10/2014 -- Alpha/Beta site started to support re-configuration and future studies. See WordPress post.

07/03/2014 --   Vol IV, No 2 of Gardner's Beacon ( post ) available. The issue looks at incorporation activity which includes details about accomplishments, the organization, and our goals. We will get back to the theme of Thomas Gardner: the first experience of the American Dream

07/02/2014 -- This website will be undergoing modification, and continuing work is indicated by this notice: Note: website will be undergoing modification (this notice will disappear when the re-work is done).

07/01/2014 -- Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IV, No. 2, will provide a recap of activities, some details of the recent incorporation, touch upon goals, and consider a timeline of the Magna Charta as it relates to the colonies.

06/21/2014 -- Dr. Frank and his sister, Lucie, sponsored the Massachusetts Magazine that published quarterly from 1908 to 1917. Thomas Franklin Waters, the Ipswich expert, was editor.

05/13/2014 -- This will be the What's new page until we get WordPress going. The buttons are being modernized with CSS (left to do are About us and Newsletters - will use nested menus). We'll do the header with CSS shapes. We'll start a new blog with WordPress (interim blog, technical focus). After the buttons, the focus will be on the layout.

--- News 09/04/2013 to 05/13/2014 came from our Joomla experiment.   ---

05/14/2014 -- What's New back at the TGS site. Updating the site with HTML/CSS, plus will bring in WordPress for a few things. Concrete5 and Joomla will go away. 

05/12/2014 -- Looking at WordPress and CSS  as the means with which to reconfigure this site. See first post that details some of the history. Or see the What's News archive

04/24/2014 -- After playing at  Codecademy   a little, it's time to rethink the  configuration   here. 

03/22/2014 --   Vol IV, No 1   of Gardner's Beacon ( post ) available. The issue looks at the early years in Cape Ann. Compared to later times, those first few years were about as close to idyllic as one could have on the new shore: the first awakening of part of the American Dream.  

01/07/2014 -- Post from the TGS blog on Lucretia (Coffin) Mott shared with anceSTORY archives. Thank you, Melissa Berry. The article is visible to the Facebook community.  

12/31/2013 -- Vol III, No 4 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue looks at the first generation. Plus, there is consideration of Quaker involvement, including a brief look at Thomas' step-son, Samuel Shattuck. 

11/06/2013 -- Vol III, No 3 of Gardner's Beacon (post) available. The issue continues the Annals collection looking at the Dorchester Company and its motivations. Future issues will take closer looks at the company, its milieu, and impacts on the lives of those who participated in the adventure.  

10/29/2013 -- Resources, such as Mass Soldiers and Sailors; and, more on Rev. John (is he ancestor of John Wesley?). 

09/05/2013 -- Add 400th anniversary of Rev. John White's appointment. Just ran into this nice little site at Dorchester. 

09/04/2013 -- We are collecting all of the stories about Thomas including the source material. At this point, we can identify two early Gardners: Thomas of Salem and Thomas of Roxbury. The latter was here with his father, Thomas, who died in the early years of the colony. Benjamin Peirce had an interesting view in his talk to the Essex Institute. The TV show, WDYTYA , gets a lot of attention; knowing about collateral families helps one fill in their tree. 

07/13/2013 -- We'll push comments here, for awhile, while we work the new site issues. Why? Easier access to the content (it's on the server, no ftp step to forget). Plus, being in Joomla will force a closer look at all of the bells and whistles of Joomla and its templates. The basic notion is to have a collection of articles and modules (and more, of course). For all of the modules, to now, I've used the Special HTML Code. So, what's different? Well, under the older site, I edited in files and had to handle the partitioning myself. In the new method, modules are distributed by location, conceptually. Of course, they're in a stack that is sort-able different ways. But, location implies where they'll fire. As in, this page lights up, things embedded in its stream activate according to knobs and logic (these two are tied -- one problem is interplay caused by side-effects, we'll go on at length about that). ... So, I need to look at others in the long list of module types. for additional information.