About 400th, see below. We need to look at the 200th anniversaries, too. For one, after the long experience of the American Revolution, things settled. President Jefferson (2nd President) sent Lewis and Clark out west. This got the interest up. Trade already was regular with Mexico, via Santa Fe. Oregon became a goal. The 49ers hurried out west, too. "Westward Ho" was one watchword.

Then, in the middle portion, the issues that precipitated the U.S. Civil war played out long before the major conflict. Bleeding Kansas is what one area was called. We will be looking more at all of that.


As Cape Ann and Salem, MA prepare for their 400th, it is of interest to remind ourselves of the event at other places (including those in Canada).

First, Salem's 300th ought to be recalled (Dr. Frank was there).

400th Anniversaries

Celebrations in the US and Canada, related to the 400ths.
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Prior Recent 400th Anniversaries.
Note: Content will deal with more than New England

1 Get the firsts (Maritime provinces - several, Roanoke, Popham, ..., California, the interior (to wit, St. Louis, ...) -- See Gorges' remarks in the Annals about who was first
2 Find out about, and include, their celebrations
3 Then bring in New England's huge list

See http://thomasgardnerofsalem.blogspot.com/ for additional information.