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Current issue: Vol IV, No 1
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Volume I, Number 1 
       (August 2014)
Dated items accumulated from issues of Gardner's Beacon provide a chronological look at the events prior to 1592, events during the life of Thomas, and events after 1674.   
Volume I, Number 2   
(September 2014)
John Sayword / Soward of Gloucester / Ipswich was the father of Elizabeth Sayward who married John Graves of Ipswich. Their granddaughter married the son of Lucy Foster Wilson Gardner, paternal grandmother of Dr. Frank A. Gardner. (See TEG, Vol. 34, No. 3, Pg. 160; TEG, Vol. 34, No. 4, Pg. 197)

Volume II, Number 1
       (May 2015)
Benjamin Brown Gardner married Lucy Foster Wilson (TGA, Vol. I, No 2). He was the paternal grandfather of Dr. Frank A. Gardner, author of the Gardner books. Henry D. Gardiner was the owner of the barque Bostonian that shipwrecked in Oregon in 1850. A timeline reports the activity of the barque prior to the foundering. (See TEG, Vol. 35, No. 1, Pg. 51); TEG, Vol. 35, No. 2, Pg. 31) 
Volume II, Number 2 
       (December 2015)
Frank A. Gardner, M.D., made priceless contributions to the Gardner family over the course of his life and career. He was kept busy as a practicing physician and surgeon. He was a family man and father. He researched and wrote two major Gardner books. He founded and edited The Massachusetts Magazine. Over the past year, we had a focus on his life and heritage. This article summarizes the work. Too, ahnentafels for his paternal grandparents document his lineage. Recently, a book titled Through One Family's Eyes was published. It details a family from the western end of Ireland whose members migrated to the United States and Australia in the mid-1800s. The families into which the new immigrants marry cover the whole of the colonial experience.
Volume III, Number 1 
      (December 2016)
Gardners do have a history. The whence issue is still open, and progress does come now and then. We report on some activity. Too, the U.S. vote ended up with a more pronounced split between blue and red. Blue seems to be more urban and progressive. Red seems to be more rural and conservative. Gardners are in both areas. But, the red needs a little more attention due to the blue's technology running off without regard to the fuller picture of history. So, who are those in flyover country? The Massachusetts Magazine published for 11 years. We start to look at this in depth. An initial step was to publish the Table of Contents for the first five volumes. Too, we will be looking at editors and contributors. We found one (R.A. Douglas-Lithgow) to be of particular interest. In 2015, the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta was supported by a contingent of Americans. We hear from a descendant and attendee. DNA is now a common theme. However, as we have mentioned, technology always run off with great enthusiasm at first. Then, we need a reflective period in which to set things straight. After that, if we are fortunate, things go forward with a little more wisdom. DNA is still in the enthusiast's phase. Much to discuss in this regard.
Volume IV, Number 1
       (Spring 2018)
The Massachusetts Magazine published for eleven years. We finish our look at all of the issues and present a Table of Contents for the remaining volumes, VI through XI. We detail an update for the Essex Genealogist related to two generations rolled together. Gardners and Tudors are discussed briefly. Then, there is a summary of some interesting work.

Volume V, Number 1
   (... 2020)
We expect two issues of Volume V after which we can accumulate the material and edit it into book form. 

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