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This page contains material related to Beacon issues, whether modifications, additions, or comments that are germane to the subject. In some cases, it might be an extensive discussion of a topic, hopefully with addition material in post and later Beacons. Note: entries are in reverse order by issue. 

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Note: Entries are pushed by date
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  • ..., Vol. III, No. 4 -- Samuel Shattuck (page 2) is reported as being the son of Daniel and Damaris Shattuck. At this time, Samuel's father is not known, however we do know his mother. Post on Samuel Shattuck and further research.
  • ..., Vol. IV, No. 1 -- The Thomas Gardner page on Wikipedia has used a reference from the beginning, namely Chapter III on a website. This material was lifted, in its entirety, from John Fiske's book, without attribution (I thought that someone at the organization behind the website had written the material). All references in Wikipedia will be updated. The Source page has been edited, for this issue. Too, the Bibliography, now, has Fiske (the other site will be considered questionable). 
  • ..., Vol. III, No. 1 -- Page 1, Origins of New England, 2nd paragraph: should say 17th Century. 
  • ...Vol. II, No. 6 - Following changes incorporated into a 2nd Edition on Dec. 30, 2012: 
    Page 1, change 1592 to 1492. 
    (Before 1623/24), Son, Richard, was born in 1621. Page 2 (1623/24), Thomas, George, and Richard came with their parents. Page 3 (1630), Winthrop went southwest rather than west. (1635), remove that Richard was born in 1632. Page 5 (1935), change to John Lowell Gardner II. (1999 New entry), On March 20, David Goss talked to the ESOG about the old planters who received land in Beverly. Thomas Gardner was not in that group (see Discussion). 
    ... This Annals look is sketchy, at this point, and not complete. It will be filled in (and edited) so as to provide a sound point of reference.
  • ...Vol. II, No.5 - Where there is a reference to exoneration for all in 1992, it should read that a proclamation was issued by the Massachusetts House honoring those who died during the TerCentennial. Governor Jane Smith signed an exoneration for the remaining five in September 2001. 
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  • ...Vol. I, No. 4 - (clarification -- 03/10/13, 2nd page, 1st column, 2nd paragraph) All who could have had influence on the Corwins had died by 1692. Relation of Samuel with the John Corwin (and his son) was through Samuel's wife, Mary, who was 1/2 sister of John (1/2 aunt of George). The children of George (Sr) and Elizabeth (Herbert, White) Corwin were adults when she died in 1668. George (Sr) died in 1685. Mary (White) Gardner died in 1675. Samuel died in 1689. Any moderating influence would have been through 1/2 cousins for John. ... (clarification -- mm/dd/12, 2nd page, 1st column, last paragraph) Where there is reference to Giles Corey's sons, it ought to have been his sons-in-laws (and his daughters). 
  • ... Vol. I, No. 3 - Margaret's House -- Page 1, Column 2, Paragraph 4: From what we know, it was three story and quite remarkable for the place and time. Correction: See Vol. II, No. 6 Page 2, Column 1, Section 1623/24 - Image provided by John Goff, Salem Preservationist. The house was originally two stories, yet quite impressive compared to the other dwellings. The third story and facade were added in 1792 (see Vol. II, No. 6, Page 4, 1st Column). This configuration was then used for the sketch in Vol. I, No. 3. ... Margaret's House -- Page 1, Column 2, Paragraph 6:What was the status of the house as the group went to Salem? Correction: See Vol. IV, No. 1 Page 1, Column 2, Section "Thomas/Margaret and the Great House" for a discussion of how the house would have been kept from descending into a state of disrepair.  
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See http://thomasgardnerofsalem.blogspot.com/ for additional information.