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Margaret Fryer/Frier/Friar
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In 2014, Chimper Cook found records posted on-line from Sherborne, Dorset.1 In these, there are baptismal records, marriage records, Wills and more.

Briefly, a marriage record for Thomas Gardner and Margaret Frier is at Sherborne. Too, baptismal records for boys with the right names are found. The records for baptisms for the family stop which could indicate that the family moved.

The passenger listing for the Zouche Phoenix said that Thomas and his family (wife, George, Richard, Joseph) may have been from Martock, Somerset which is a stone's throw from Sherborne, Dorset.

We now have an active project looking at this subject. We will start with Sherborne records and branch to other areas, as necessary. Too, we will collect the sum total of the tales presented over the years; along with this survey will be taking notice of the plethora of sites that deal with this family.

The below table shows snapshots from related books and from the Sherborne records, in chronological order.

Jan 1591 Walter  Friar - Grace Mullins, marriage notice

Oct 1591
Baptism of Thomas Gardiner

Jun 1598
Baptism of Margaret Frier

father of Margaret was Walter Friar

10 Nov 1610 Will of Walter Friar

Mentions Grace, Margaret (daughter), and Thomas (son)  

28 April 1617
Marriage of Thomas Gardiner and Margaret Friar

8 Mar 1617
Baptism of son, Thomas

1 Jan 1619
Baptism of son, George

20 Jul 1622
Baptism of son, Richard

... to be studied ...
7 Dec 1624
Baptism of son, John

Note: Order of birth for the older boys, according to Great Migration is: Thomas (say 1614) and George (say 1616). John was born after the migration. Joseph and Richard were born later, in Salem. Order, according to Dr. Frank is: Thomas, George, Richard, John, Samuel, Joseph, then the girls.
1 - See research on Sherbourne, Dorset.

See Margaret, equal partner for additional information.